Mother Nature #1

Captured this moment of a pigeon relaxing on a tree being in it’s element. 

And has so much freedom, fly anywhere without a passport lol.

I always wondered why is it that only BIRDS about in the sky. There’s a question for you to answer.

~John Loa~


Remember, it’s possible!!


Facts – It has Proven that people read books have better imagination and more likely to be more creative than those who do not read books.

“Readers are leaders, those who want to achieve, and willing to go through the obstacles of life, Will achieve there goal, as long as you do not lose sight of it.


“Remember, its possible, possible, possible”

~John Loa~



Blessings upon blessings


Count your blessings and not your problems, many people live there everyday lives talking mostly about there problems, and then they ask thereself why me? And feel sorry themselves! Basic logic is if your upset, you need cheering up, if your complaining – change your situation.

It’s really that simple, but people who ignore these basic steps of living there lives for the better. They are the ones what make it hard for them.



“If you can’t pick yourself up, no one can it’s that simple”

~John Loa~

Master your own self


To be able to master your own self, you need to work out your strengths from your weakness. And work on your weakness to be a strength.

You will also have to work hard on the field that your most mutual and passion about, which helps you activate the creative side of your brain, to produce results with your determination and passion.

Once you work with your strengths to make your weakness a strength you will be a step a head on achieving your results mastering your self to become anything you want to be.

Remember that it takes time but working towards it can only get you closer. Once you master your field, Everything becomes possible. Because that will be all you know.

~John Loa~