(Deep) Quote Of The Day #41

“Read one book a week, by the end of the year your IQ would of went up dramatically, the power of reading and gaining knowledge is powerful. Now think again ask yourself why are there certain people in power and why am I where I am, only you the individual can answer that”

                                        ~John Loa~


Remember, it’s possible!!


Facts – It has Proven that people read books have better imagination and more likely to be more creative than those who do not read books.

“Readers are leaders, those who want to achieve, and willing to go through the obstacles of life, Will achieve there goal, as long as you do not lose sight of it.


“Remember, its possible, possible, possible”

~John Loa~



Blessings upon blessings


Count your blessings and not your problems, many people live there everyday lives talking mostly about there problems, and then they ask thereself why me? And feel sorry themselves! Basic logic is if your upset, you need cheering up, if your complaining – change your situation.

It’s really that simple, but people who ignore these basic steps of living there lives for the better. They are the ones what make it hard for them.



“If you can’t pick yourself up, no one can it’s that simple”

~John Loa~