H a l l o w e e n



 Happy Halloween


“Remember just because you don’t believe in them,

  does not mean they are not around watching you”


“Beware of the monster under your bed,

  tuck your feet before you sleep tonight”


Quote of the day #4

“There’s 7 billion people on this planet, that’s 7 billion perspectives, 7 billion minds,

7 billion worlds, each an one individual has there own routine going on,

how about start your magical step now into the power of imagination,

where all things can potentially come to reality”

~ John Loa ~



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Fear No I Say


We all fear things, in lots of different ways, I use to fear in ways where you think it’s going to take over your life. Example I used to not go out that much from the Ages 14-16 I use to think in my mind there’s a group of teenagers, in my head I have already analyse the situation and automatically thought they would do me harm if I was walk past them so what I use to do is, I will go around the long way to the shop or I just make some story up and tell my parents that the shop was closed for whatever reason.

But one day I just forgot about thinking of the group of teenagers, and realised it was all in my head, I was feeding myself negativity which I have gathered from the News media subsconciously the negative subjects in which I absorbed began to disappear as my mind was more and more occupied by other subjects, and all of a sudden the fear just went it’s way!

My tip:

Why  Fear What You Can’t Potentially See.



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The word of Loa

Believe that your a magnetic force and that you can attract anything you want into your life,

start thinking like this and the things you thought were impossible will unwrap infront of you and become possible!
John Loa

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In the moment

I am a 26 year old from London, and I was not living in the moment as I thought I was, in fact it was all distractions around me. I was actually living amongst a huge illusion, thinking this is how to live life, Examples consuming into products which I don’t need, wasting my valuable time on things that was not in my best of interest but went along with it because the crowd were going that way. ( we can all relate to this)

And then when I was 19 years old, it all of a sudden dawned on me, and I started to see other specs of life which I have not discovered so far in my path in life. So I then started thinking out of the box, change my interests, become someone different stand out from the crowd and so what I did was, I started to do my own thing, instead of being an individual amongst the majority. I realise I was not a sheep but a shepherd in the crowd!

So I started learning new subjects, as you would know if your a regular to my blog, and starting becoming who I wanted to be. And it all started from having a moment to myself and having a deep realisation that I am actually in control. So I then started to read books which was not my strong point, because I hated reading books, found it very boring. But I become more and more in the moment and started reading a lot about spiruality and law of attraction. And it helped me become more in the moment. We all live in such a materialistic world we actually don’t know if we are living in the moment or not! Because the majority are living in there celebrity’s life’s always chatting and looking up on them and gossip and stuff etc.

I believe to access and to be in moment, you need to learn more about yourself! Because believe it or not you probably know more about your friends or your idles more than you do about yourselfs.

Take a moment out of your busy life, and ask yourself what is your purpose

Thank you, for taking a moment to read this. John Loa

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I Am that I am and so are you the reader

I am the creator of my very own universe 


I am the master of my thoughts & actions

I am a manifestation ready to beam like the sun


                       I Am That I Am

                                      ~~~~ John Loa ~~~~





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