Ask ~ Believe ~ Recieve Law Of Attraction

20160726_184938.jpgLaw Of Attraction is working for you if you like it or not, just know it is shaping everything around you to suit your thoughts which your sending out in different frequencys.

It takes 3 steps which I will share my perspective on how I use the law of attraction method of Ask ~ Believe ~ Recieve.


Ask: ~ In your mind ask yourself what you want, it’s important to be specific and realistic something which is achievable. Make a list of things that you want to keep track on.


Believe: ~ Right now , you have ask what you want, all you got to do is now believe and experience the feeling of having the desired thing that you want, because this is an important part of getting it. Visualising your desired thought and seeing yourself with it, will create ideas and options of you getting it faster. Before you know it you will have it. Important though yo give yourself a target a date and time that you will recieve it. Try and be precise.


Recieve: ~ You will Recieve your desired thought, through belief that it will happen and consistent action until you have received.


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We Are One, so why do we consume as we are more than


We are one, so why do we all consume into things, as we are more than one. Many of us go out to eat and drink even though we have that indoors, point is it’s not necessary, we are one, so in a day we only need one breakfast one lunch and one dinner, so there’s no need to want more than one breakfast and lunch n dinner etc…obviously snacks in between. This simple structure pattern is powerful and can save you money and less time spending on unnecesary fast foods etc. Reason whilst I brought this subject to light is because, I have trained myself into this pattern and it has helped me positively and spiritually in my life. So I have to share this with you. Because we are all victims of this human pattern of consumerism.

If you disagree with this, my question is give it a go, what have you got to lose.

“Nothing Explored, Nothing Gained”


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