“Long Journey Ahead But I See The Light”

First blog I done in awhile so apologies please, due to the fact, I go hospital for frequent Blood transfusions in a week, so I thought I keep you updated. Incase you do not know I have a condition called aplastic anaemia which I have a very severe level, it is a rare blood disorder which is automune disease, been told it’s correctable but a long journey ahead for me. So already I see the light so I know in my mind I will recover sooner then what the doctors predict, I am believer in “Mind Over Matter” All things are possible through the law of attraction, I have looked at this current situation I am in as chance to learn, because everything happens for a reason. I am 26 years old, so this could be a more in dept breakthrough in my life, to become something more than I am now, maybe there is a more of a purpose of what I should be in this wonderful life we blessed with.

what I am saying is appreciate everything in life, coming from me. Never worry & always believe in the possibilitys what can be achieved.

I will.always continue to see light in all darkness, regardless of how long  the journey is.

John Loa
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Lovely View From The Front & Back

I captured a spectacular view from the front of my apartment of the sunset in the background with lovely  clouds with the vibrant colours of what sun gives out, so amazing what nature does.


And from the back of my apartment at the same time as the sunset, I see completely different strange pattern in the clouds but fansinating still to look at so I thought I show you what captured, enjoy the views I have taken.


Hope you enjoy my views of what captured today.

John Loa.



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“All Man’s Troubles Come From….”

All man’s troubles come from not being able to sit still quietly in a room.

Well you maybe thinking right now….What do I mean by “All Man’s Troubles Come From Not Being Able To Sit Still Quietly In A Room”

Well let me explain the majority of us struggle to keep still, because we have distractions mobiles,technologys and other stuff etc…How many  people can keep away from there phones or put them away or turn them of…not going to lie to you it is hard. Because everyone has adapted and now depends on the latest gadgets. I am not saying it ain’t good for you or whatever.

I am saying if your determined to succeed in life, you have to put those distractions of whatever they could be away.

And I dare you to spend at least 30mins a day with all distractions put locked away. And the objective of this strategy is your going to observe yourself, you may find stuff you don’t wanna find from your inner self but don’t worry that’s just your subconscious mind…but you will find ways you never knew you could do in life, but don’t let it scare you…Let it become you that person you destine to be.

I have personally learn’t so many times, and you will also get this aswell but don’t worry! 

I quote my own quote.

“Every set back in life, is a comeback”

John Loa

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