“Just been relaxing”

Sunset last night very calming 🙂wp-1469956270837.jpgLast night I manage to get 9 hours sleep it was so nice that you don’t even want to get out of bed…Everyone ucan relate to that now am I right lol. Anyways now I eventually got out of my bed at 6:30am and I had my porridge/toast, and ofcourse I am a Englishman so I love my cuppa tea next to me. I also got my Bluetooth speaker out with some gentle soothing piano music in the background to spread around my apartment calming sensations, it was nice whilst I had my breakfast.

Few hours later now about 1pm, I went to the park opposite my apartment. Incase you did not know i have a *Rare autoimmune decease called “Severe Aplastic Anemia* (read about me section) So I don’t really go far from my home, so being around nature eases my mind and brings transquility to me. Aswell as writing this blog it helps me share with other people from around the world which I do fully appreciate the support and feedback you give me.

Later on tonight I will have a 30min meditation session to relax and unwind, an get myself into a transcendence state of mind. 🙂

John Loa
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“Same View But From Different Days”

What I see everyday, this view changes all the time. Because here in England,London weather changes like 3 times a day.

Here are some pictures from this week. One of them is a different view, which was taken from the back of my apartment.

Hope you enjoy the pictures of mine, just abit of an insight of what I see outside my window everyday. The inspiration I get is overwhelming and motivating with the London city in the far distance.

John Loa

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“My Minds More creatively Active At Night”

I am finding that my mind is more creatively active at night over the past couple of weeks, I don’t know why maybe my meditation has gave me more access to achieve this ability more at night to access more things, because usually i am sleeping lol.

 I do not know exactly why, but I do have an sort of idea & i think it’s a good thing in a way, because there’s not much going on at night, so distractions are just a mist in the background. 

So in a sense your mind can run abit more freely compared to throughout the day you have things/events going on around you, which I know is logic,but I always like to clarify still. 

It’s amazing how we are learning on a constant level. Absolutely astonishing 🙂
Here’s a night time picture from my window, with London city in the far distance.

“Enjoy the view, as much as I do”

John Loa

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“If Your Interested That Is”

Right just incase your interested in my personalised Handmade art work, which will be carefully Laminated with a shiny finish! All quote signs are handmade on quality kraft paper.

I am doing all types of quotes and colours to your liking, it can be something from motivating you quote,inspiring quote, with vibrant colours or I can do you a personal one with deep meaningful quotes what can help you affirm your dreams. Each & everyone one of my A4 quote signs, will be personally dedicated to you with appreciation and signed & dated by me. 

Prices are just £10 per a A4 quote sign That includes worldwide tracked postage. I can do offers.

If you are interested please email me


Thank you. Much appreciated.

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“WiFi Is Everywhere”

Wifi is literally everywhere, I went out today for a walk, since its been nice weather I brought my ipad along with me, so I can update my blog on the go.

But I forgot my mobile hotspot had ran out of data, so I thought I try my luck and scan for any free wifi, and you know what whilst I was on the move I was connecting to all sorts of free wifi, which to me was making my day since, I only just open my own blog site a few days ago. So I was really happy that I can be more on the move and with a better size screen to update on(ipad) instead of my mobile.

I know there’s downsides to everything when using free wifi because of viruses/hackers. But if your just using it to blog and not to do banking well it has to be more safe than doing that am I correct?!

So now I know I got these free wifi hotspots around me, it gives me more encouragement,motivation and even more inspiration to share even more with you through my journey.

You might already know what i am discussing about in this subject, but I just want to still say this check your surroundings for free wifi hotspots, so you today can update your blog on the go.

The excitement of having free wifi on the go, is a gift which makes us bloggers even more of a blogger lol!

John Loa 

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“Everyone Worships The Sun”

We all worship the sun, and adore the sun whenever it appears through the cloud shining with beautiful rays of light.

Reason for this subject is because the “The Sun” is something we all worship outside of our religions (if you have one). If you disagree or agree, it’s true we all have this in common we are all sun worshippers. When that sun comes out from the clouds it can make people feel very uplifted, & feel very happy, amazing the affect it has on people.

You can go to a beach and not think about anything else apart from sun,sea & sand. But then you can go to a restaurant and you will judge the person in the far corner! True in many cases because we all have that in ourselves. Is that because we are indoors whilst the sun is outside? Just saying…giving you something to think about?!

*My point is The Sun brings out the best in us, we don’t think of anything apart from the good feelings we absorb from the beautiful sunshine rays which we adore and love, amazing. 

*Today let’s spread the positivity.*

John Loa 

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“It’s Possible”

You know what we can all relate to this subject, We all need to break this cycle of a ride that believing it’s not possible or its impossible. Because the secret is “It’s Possible”

Here I am going to share my view of how I use to percieve it, I use to always think and look an go no I can’t do that. Instantly putting myself in doubt, drastically building barricades around me. Before I knew it I was at home doing nothing because, I convinced myself so badly much that everything I want in life was million miles away at a distance, that thought use to intimidate me.

Not only did it intimidate me, it alow my mind to create the most horrendous excuses ever like, you can’t do that you ain’t got the ability to achieve that so on…So like I said in my previous blog today. Law Of Attraction changed my thoughts, helped me channel my emotions and feelings, help me dispose those nasty heavy negative thoughts what hold so much unnecessary  weight & hold us hostage in our own bodys, destroys & eats our hopes and dreams from us.

☆ We are not victims of ourselves, we are heroes ready to achieve & destine to be☆

“One thing I have learn’t from this, if you manage to fall on your back, & you can look up. YOU CAN GET UP!”

John Loa
“It’s possible”

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“You Can Never Take Away Water, Why Not Make Use Of It”

Your probably wondering why this random Subject “you can never take away water, why not make use of it”

Have not got that much to discuss about this subject, but you know when your sitting there being inquisitive about life, yeah this is that moment!

But it’s somewhat amazes me how majority of things have water in them, example us as human we are made up of more than half our body of water. Amazing right. Water is like fuel to our brains we need it. 

Water is everywhere, I sometimes think if we wanted to with our technology and intelligence us human beings have now days, we can run cars, transport on water but yeah I know it sounds way to crazy. But you have to think because we have to much water(sea) it’s pointless and non-profitable to large organisations. But it would very clean and convenient for our planet. Let me know of your thoughts!

☆This my little theory explanation of what I thought and think about this subject, I do apologise if it comes across abit confusing but I tried to get my point across easy and understandable as I can☆

“Things what come free to us in life is there for a reason, not to create opportunities for the small percentage in this world”

John Loa

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My Early Experience Of “Law Of Attraction” 

A little bit about ~ My Early Experience Of Law Of Attraction, it came to me about 8 years old. Just thinking about it now, is just amazing how I was so young, and I did not know it was happening without me knowing the process of Law Of Attraction.

As you know when your young, your mind travels through imagination at fast speed. So basically I use to always think of going out playing “football”or soccer depending where you are from.

All the time day dreaming that I will soon play for a local team and play with the latest football boots. But it did not happen so what I did was, I use to play in the garden and just fantisise about playing for a team. And a few weeks later, my next door neighbour called over from the fence and said I am taking my son to football training, would you like to go…so as a 8 year  old. I was like yes yes…so it shows you it happens if you believe in it or not the law of attraction.(by the way I end up playing for team but it was not a local team though)

So a few more years later ahead now at the age of 22 (I am 26 now though lol) I actually found out that I am a the creator of my own reality/world, So with passion and determination I wanted to share my knowledge and experience, So I started to teach Law Of Attraction to people who need that motivating boost in there life.

So i explained how the thoughts from the mind interacts with everything what happens around us and that your emotions also affect your day to day life, if you do not maneuver or handle them well.

So I use to say to my handful of students, if you have a thought and you do not understand it or relate to it. “Screw it up and throw it away” Because if it holds negativity it will become a major obstacle through out your whole day, if not your whole week, if not checked.

“Law Of Attraction is powerful ~ use it for your advantage”

“What you send out, is what you get back”

“Always remember, you have more than thousands of thoughts a day, the ones what actually make it to the front of your mind, are the ones what can be good or bad so it’s important to discover what you need and what you don’t need.

“Negative thoughts hold more weight So Screw it up & throw it away”

☆Information from above are little bits from my life, all relating to the process of how law of attraction works☆

There will be more content including my experience of Law of Attraction in the near future, hope you find a bit of my story interesting & useful.

Thank You.

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